Families and owner-operators that control growing, mid-sized businesses often face major challenges. A lack of growth capital and professional management may be compounded by personal issues such as net worth concentration, estate planning concerns, and competing desires for liquidity today and enhanced business value tomorrow. Moreover, they want to see their legacy perpetuated and their employees taken care of.

We are proud of our reputation among sellers of closely-held businesses, and those who represent them, as a firm that recognizes that owners must address these complex, interrelated issues in their own way. Our focus is on crafting a solution, and potentially a long-term partnership, with the owners rather than just “doing a deal.”

We offer the prospect of both immediate liquidity and retained equity that offers potential for further value appreciation. This opportunity, combined with an infusion of CEO1ST talent and fresh capital to fund future growth and acquisitions, often persuades owners to partner with us.

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