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What is CEO1ST Investing

What is CEO1ST Investing

Frontenac’s investment approach combines outstanding operating executives with high-potential companies. We fund and support our CEO1ST partners in acquiring and growing businesses. Our goal is to build enduring and valuable companies – not to buy and sell assets.

CEO1ST projects come about in various ways: an executive approaches us with an idea; we identify an executive from our own research; or we find a company with an exceptional incumbent team. A CEO1ST executive may serve as CEO, Chairman or lead director – depending on his/her own objectives and the specific needs of the company.

Our commitment to our CEO1ST partners’ success has resulted in many lasting relationships: we have partnered with several executives more than once.

How we partner with CEOs


We work alongside our CEO1ST partners throughout the process from initial thesis development through eventual liquidity. We have a well-established process to define a thesis, source investment opportunities, evaluate alternatives and execute a deal.


We believe management should run companies and drive the creation of value. We depend on our CEO1ST partners for their strategic acumen, operating experience and leadership skills. We provide resources through our network of advisors, CEOs and investors, all of whom can enhance the quality of execution and the probability of success.


We craft a prudent capital structure to enable our companies to focus on growth. Together with our CEO1ST partners we apply a number of playbooks to create value – defining clear priorities and growth strategies, aligning incentives, expanding capacity, broadening geographic coverage, complementing the management teams, investing in add-on acquisitions, creating a flexible balance sheet, etc.

Our Executives

Our CEO1ST partners are business leaders who have excelled in growing businesses and creating value. They are highly engaged with their portfolio company throughout the investment and ownership processes.


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We invest in high quality companies, primarily in the food, industrial and services industries. We work with business owners, almost always families, founders or entrepreneurs, as they address complex transition issues of liquidity, management enhancement and growth planning.

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